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If planning to propose to your loved one, do it immediately with confidence. Single Aquarius natives might still wish to continue with their bachelor life and avoid thinking about marriage, yet may bring situations where you might want to change your mind. Aquarius, seems good and peaceful for your marriage life.

Your horoscope indicates quality time with your spouse and cordial relations.

Aquarius 12222 Love & Relationship Horoscope: Magical effects of Mars!

Some issues are possible, yet overall harmony will prevail and your bond will get stronger with time. Newly married couples would enjoy a gala time from January till first week of April, with chances of a soothing marriage life and plenty of romantic outings with your spouse. You should use this time to your benefit and solve any ongoing issues or quarrels with your partner.

In case of an argument with your partner, be calm Aquarius. However, control your anger and handle the situation diplomatically.

Aquarius Monthly Love and Relationships Horoscope

The Aquarius marriage horoscope suggests you to talk patiently with your life partner and understand their perspective before jumping to conclusions. This will bring a simple and quick solution to your marital problems. Matters related to progeny look good and you may plan a baby in , Aquarius. Another good news may come from your children this year.

The Aquarius marriage horoscope predicts chances of marriage of your children this year, which may bring happiness and celebrations in your family. Atmosphere in your family seems good and family gatherings will result in happy times for everyone. In , chances of traveling with your partner are on the horizon, Aquarius. Your marriage life as per the Aquarius marriage horoscope denotes some challenges related to children after March Possible disappointments might become a cause of worries.

You will discover many new things about yourself, about the people in your life, and about the world in general. When it comes to love, if you want to take your time or go at your own pace, you can do as you please. The key days in September, as far as Aquarius love horoscope is concerned, are September 5 th , September 19 th , and September 25 th , The month of October promises a good and stable love life for Aquarius people. There will be no drama this time. There will be no meltdowns and no disasters in the making.

But you deserve this strong and stable period. There has been tension in your relationship lately, and this peace between you and your partner will enhance your intimacy and strengthen your bond. This stability in your relationship will offer a glimmer of hope that things will work out well in the end, and that you will be able to work through your issues together.

You will feel very thankful for this stable period because you will also get the chance to enjoy and have fun together, just like you used to when you were just getting to know each other. The problems will not magically vanish, but you will enjoy some breathing space so that you can clearly see the whole picture.

Aquarius Love Weekly Horoscope, Aquarius Love this week

You will never lose hope, and you will feel reassured that this is just a phase that every relationship goes through every once in a while. The key days in October, as far as Aquarius love horoscope is concerned, are October 8 th , October 14 th , and October 29 th , The month of November promises that it will be a better and happier period when it comes to romantic relationships. All your efforts to save the relationship or improve your connection with your partner will be rewarded. It goes without saying that it will also be a pretty emotional time.

But you will allow yourself to heal and get rid of all the bad experiences, feelings, and thoughts from your life. This month will be your fresh start. Relationships are a lot of work. But stop and think of it for a minute. If you simply gave up on your love all those months ago, will you even be here to witness this beautiful moment of love and redemption? The key days in November, as far as Aquarius love horoscope is concerned, are November 23 rd , November 28 th , and November 30 th , The month of December will be a time of stability.

Tumultuous times will come to an end, and you will get to enjoy some peace and quiet. This is a welcome change after all the drama, the tears, the pain, and the heartbreak of the past few months. You will no longer be worried about so many things, and you will simply just focus on the positive. You will be looking forward to more days like this in the future.

There were so many experiences that tested your patience, your love, your loyalty, and your strength. But this what endings and beginnings are for.

Aquarius Singles: Love is on the Way! A New Beginning!

You always have a chance to start over with a clean slate. The key days in December, as far as Aquarius love horoscope is concerned, are December 6 th , December 16 th , and December 29 th , Just let your friends inspire you and coax you out of your little bubble. Dating will give you immense joy and pleasure, not to mention stimulate you intellectually!

This Month

Your heart is finally open, and you have been blessed with a lot of opportunities to let the light and love in. Of course, there will be stagnant periods as well. There will be periods when your partner does not seem interested or when you feel like your relationship has become stagnant. There may be confusion, distance, or communication problems. But always remember that these are significant periods to slow down and look at things in a different way.

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Aquarius Love Weekly 30 September, 12222 – 06 October, 12222

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