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Otherwise the results of a planet are reflected through the stars owned by it and offered by those planets tenanting them.

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Therefore planet will indicate the results of the star lord during its periods and sub periods or when any planet moves its stars in transit. For instance, for Aries Ascendant, Venus is lord of houses. Any planet in the stars of Venus will offer the results of houses whether it is in 1 or 5 or 9 houses. If there is any planet in a house then it will indicate the matters of that house more strongly than the house owner.

A planet will indicate the matters signified by the houses owned by it, as Bhava lord, when those houses are unoccupied by any planet. All significations of the planet will be reflected through its stars. Horoscope Signficators for all 12 houses should be tabulated for convenience. Buy Gemstones. Home Blog. Star lord There are 27 stars scattered along the zodiac. Please enter your comment!

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Most Scientific. Each constellation of 13 deg.

What is this Sub Lord? The first sub lord in the constellation zone is of the constellation lord followed by next planet in Vimshottari dasha. In Bharani constellation owned by Venus, first sublord will be of Venus followed by sun, moon, mars in that order.

Krishnamurti called KP Ayanamsha. KP which are approximately 6 minutes behind the Lahiri Ayanamsha How to Predict?

Resolving confusions around Significators, Sublord & Rahu-Ketu in KP Astrology -- Part 1

If 7th House sublord is significator of either 7th or 2nd or 11 th then the marriage is promised. How much? Similarly , strong and weak signification is to be seen and also main and allied houses connection Sun transit is considered when the event is likely within a year. Chart need to be casted for the question time and analyzed to give predictions.

Chart is casted by taking lagna degrees and minutes associated with the number.

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Chart is casted at the moment when astrologer starts making judgment. Lagna Lord at the taken moment 2. Moon Star Lord 3. Moon Lord 4.

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Day Lord It is based on Raphael's table of houses and KP Ayanamsha Two groups.. It never fails. We must use it at appropriate times Thank You Why do predictions fail? Why do…………….. Why do………………. Why different Predictions by Astrologers? The time of first cry of baby or cutting of umbilical cord? Is it proper to use the science for small small predictions as when the lights will come? Thank You Good Luck!

Can prayers change destiny? Krishnamurthy Raman , Prof.

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kp astrology tutorial Kp astrology tutorial
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