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You need to find a balance of being active and taking time to devote to more quiet and spiritual matters. Both the Scorpio and Sag in you would feel more satisfied. Why don't you try yoga or meditation? Or long walks in the woods, just to enjoy nature, not competitive? I am capricorn sun, gemini moon and libra rising. I think I'm very complex, what is your opinion?

What you have given me here is your Trinity, and it's no more complex than anyone else's. Now, if you feel you are a more complex person, all ten planets are in a zodiac sign in your Natal Birth Chart. So maybe you have a stellium--a group of three or more planets in the same zodiac sign in a certain house, aspected by a difficult planet.

But I can't tell that from a basic Trinity. The Capricorn Sun means you are an Earth sign, organized and reliable, ambitious, and willing to work hard towards your goals. This is a leadership sign. Security is important to you, and you are somewhat conservative. You have an earthy kind of sensuality, and others trust you. I don't know what house it is in, so can't tell what area of your life it lights up or makes so important to you. This is why these Trinity questions mean very little, but I still get hundreds of them, some the same in the same day. Everyone wants to think they are unique--and we are.

But not because of our astrology trinities. The Gemini Moon rules your emotions. Gemini means that when it comes to security and relationships, you are more ruled by your head than your heart. But you are a good communicator, intelligent, well versed in many topics, and lively to be around. Libra rising is the way others see you before they get to know you. Libra is another leadership sign. You do want to be working or in a love relationship as a partner, Libras love partnerships.

So on the surface you are a peacekeeper and get along well with others. Even though you want to get your own way, it's sort of an iron hand in the velvet glove kind of leadership. So having both Libra and Capricorn in your makeup, you do have goals you want to achieve. Don't let your more flighty emotions turn you away from them. You both have the same Gemini moon, so you run hot and cold when it comes to emotions.

What are my sun and moon sign and which are compatible?

When you are paying attention to each other, it's all well and good. But when you aren't, you can tend to both be fickle when it comes to love, or something else arouses your attention. The Sun signs are better. The Taurus is ruled by Venus and is steadfast and true when it comes to relationships. They don't play games, so what you see is what you get. They have a romantic side and are physically very sensual. The Capricorn Sun is also emotional but doesn't show it as much.

However, they are serious people for the most part, and won't waste time if they don't care enough. Just be aware all of your planets are in a zodiac sign. I don't know where all the other planets are, or what houses they are in. Yes, there is a pretty good compatibility factor, although there is a lot I don't know here. The Virgo Sun sextiles the Scorpio Moon. The Virgo is chatty, but a smart conversationalist and good communicator. Virgos are interested in good health and eat well, exercise as much as possible.

Astrology: Moon in the Signs

They are down to Earth and loyal friends. Scorpios are independent more so than Virgos, but are also kind and loyal when they really care. The Scorpio is more assertive, and more of a leader, especially with the Aries Moon. The Aries Moon person wants a lot of attention, but is a romantic who is demonstrative in love, especially having a Scorpio Sun. But Aries and Gemini Moon are also sextiles. So emotionally you can understand each other. You are both willing to talk out problems and both like to get out and have fun. I think it will be fine.

Only a little bit complicated! Being a Capricorn Sun, you are an achiever and have specific goals.

You will work hard to get where you want to be. You are sensible and reliable, the first one friends call when they have a problem and need advice. Capricorn Rising is the way you seem, so what you see is what you get. You seem reserved and are to a certain degree. You decide how much time you want to spend with certain people, or even if you want to bother to have them in your life. You aren't above a little social climbing if it gets you where you want to be.

Gemini Moon rules emotions. So you are hard to pin down there. Capricorns like steady relationships that lead somewhere, but Gemini Moon people get bored fast. So the Gemini can lighten you up to a little, but also confuse a partner. Otherwise, it's a good Trinity for reaching your dreams through hard work.

Sag and Aries are compatible. Both are fun and outgoing.

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A Gemini Moon person is restless, and it opposes your Sun, but that isn't a big deal. The person with the Capricorn Moon is more serious, and may not be able to take you seriously.


You may be too flighty for them. Other planets in both charts can change this, but just based on this little bit of info, I think the other person is more goal-oriented and more of an achiever. Virgo Sun and Sag Sun are a square in astrology, so it's a challenging aspect, but can cause chemistry between people in a relationship.


Virgos and Sag people are big talkers so that you can communicate well. You are more sensible and health conscious. The Sag is more inclined to think bigger than you and probably likes to travel more. It's a sign which needs freedom.

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The Pisces Moon and Gemini Moons are also square aspects, so again there's that challenge and chemistry. Being Pisces, you are gentle and sympathetic, but also a good storyteller and interested in metaphysical topics. You are a romantic and hearts and flowers kind of woman. The Gemini Moon guy is ruled by his head, not his heart, but is intelligent, as are you, and fun to be with. Both Moons are restless. I would say you feel some chemistry, but am unsure what else is in your charts. I think there's enough here for you to at least try with each other. He's more outgoing, but you may like that, as you are more retiring and like someone else to take the lead.

Go for it! Air signs are ruled by their heads, and water signs are ruled by their hearts.

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I don't think it's a great combo, but all your other planets are in zodiac signs as well, and those could be more compatible. All I can say is that this isn't much to go on, people can't get that I need a whole astrology chart, and even I can't promise you will be together forever. Try it and see what happens. Air signs like to talk and communicate, so does Pisces, so that is in your favor.

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    Cafe astrology gemini moon
    Cafe astrology gemini moon
    Cafe astrology gemini moon
    Cafe astrology gemini moon
    Cafe astrology gemini moon

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