February 28 is what astrological sign

February 28 Zodiac Sign

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The man born under the Pisces sign has great warmth and charm. He is not afraid to show vulnerabilities -- in fact, he displays them with pride. He connects with others on an emotionally satisfying level. As a parent or guardian, he may try to relive or remake his early relationships to spiritualize them.

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If his work or profession does not provide the self-expression he needs, he will look for it in hobbies. Relationships make up the primary focus of this man's life. The Pisces woman is mysterious but not aloof. She possesses an ageless charm that is enthralling to those who know her. Her capacity for sympathy and her understanding make her stand out. Pisces women find their greatest fulfillment through personal relationships.

Even when talented, they may not respect their gifts. Many Pisces women are self-conscious and need a stronger individual to bring out their best qualities. That's the reminder we receive from Saturn who is working hard for the future with Pluto, the transformative planet in Capricorn at 4 degrees.

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You can take a bit of control back but it will require effort to navigate the storms of life that comes your way. Although doubts may circulate during a Saturn sextile with Neptune, reminder yourself that you can do whatever work needs to be done!

Expect the areas of home, career, and relationship to intertwine and help you get to the next level. Make big moves a thing to think about.

Your instincts about what you need are solid. Seek wisdom from others to confirm your thoughts. You attract positive energy. T he relationship building, and networking you've been pursuing are about to pay off.


FEBRUARY 28 ZODIAC – Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

It's time for you to make your needs and intentions crystal clear. If you've been on the job hunt, a big win is headed your way. You are attracted to people who mirror your attributes. Your ideal partner is charming, passionate, creative, and affectionate.

You can find these characters amongst the Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer. You can form very stable relationships with people born under these zodiac signs. A close study of your astrological charts shows that you are least compatible with Aquarius. You have divergent views on life matters with people born under this sign. As such, a relationship with them is bound to be tumultuous. February 28 zodiac people are quite meditative and intuitive.

Also, you are perceptive. You appreciate beauty. You have a keen eye for art.

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This may not be obvious. However, with enough exposure and practice, you can be sure that you will excel in the world of art. Here your true talents come to the fore. People born on February 28 are honest and responsible. But, you only acquire these qualities as you grow older. During your earlier years, you tend to be reckless and adventurous. You are an eager and ingenious learner. In the course of your lifetime, you will acquire enough knowledge to qualify you as an expert in your field.

Use this to bring about positive transformation in your society. Nonetheless, you have a few personality flaws that you need to work on. These weaknesses will slow your progress if you do not attend to them. For example, you tend to overreact, especially when things do not go your way. You get frustrated easily. When this happens, you deviate from your chosen path. Instead, you waste precious time and effort trying to act the victim. Your purpose in this is to seek compassion.

Also, you underutilize your ability to be perceptive. The truth is that if you use this ability well, you will grow faster than you can imagine. All in all, you need to appreciate that pessimism is just but a perception of the mind. Choose to focus on the possible, and not the impossible. You share the February 28 birthday with a number of prominent people from around the world.

Here are five of them:. February 28 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Pisces. They are in the same category as people born between February 19 and February Your life receives much of its influence from the planet Neptune, which rules over this decan. You exhibit the best qualities of this celestial body. This means that you are creative, enthusiastic, determined, and eager. These are the stronger qualities of Pisces.

february 28 is what astrological sign February 28 is what astrological sign
february 28 is what astrological sign February 28 is what astrological sign
february 28 is what astrological sign February 28 is what astrological sign
february 28 is what astrological sign February 28 is what astrological sign
february 28 is what astrological sign February 28 is what astrological sign
february 28 is what astrological sign February 28 is what astrological sign

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